An award-winning 360 campaign for BlackTV / Cell-C (South Africa) promoting all Quentin Tarantino movies on their streaming platform.
The campaign was shot on an iPhone 7, using two desk lamps for lighting, recreating famous scenes from Tarantino’s films with plaster props, paper, a fake burger and a rubber ear.
The “Making of The Art of Tarantino” film won the Promax GlobalExcellence Award 2020 for Best “Behind the Scenes” promo on December 15th 2020.
Above: Final, full length Quentin Tarantino promo, featuring the absolutely stripped down “essence” of #Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Inglourious Basterds. To do this entirely tinted in black and white was a considered choice. Nothing was to distract from the icons symbolizing each film, no colour, just the shape and motion of each hand-made piece of art.
Making Of
German poster reversions for a1 tv Österreich

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